Top 7 Home Selling Tips

Consult with a local real estate agent

Talking to a listing agent will save you time, stress and money. Learn the ways agents will market your property using many sources, which will help bring you the best price and terms possible. If you pick a knowledgeable agent that knows your area they will provide you with the most current comparable and absorption reports. Choosing a conscientious listing agent will find buyers from many sources including cash investors if you are willing to take a below market price for a quick sale. Your agent will not only help you find a buyer but will be there to represent you through all the negotiations that normally occur between contract and closing.

Price Right

After the listing agent has toured your home and discussed the comparables, it is time to decide on a listing price. This is also a good time to talk with the agent about the commission. Remember that the commission is not just going to your listing agent at closing, but toward marketing reimbursements, the co-op agent and the listing agent’s broker. Your listing agent will be very motivated to help you price you home right. Overpricing your home by just a couple thousand dollars could result in your home not being shown or sold.

Clean and De-clutter

If your home looks unkempt, cluttered, filled with personal items, or too much furniture it will be difficult for buyers to picture themselves living there. For your home to be ready for “show time” the following should be done: remove almost everything from counter tops, remove all personal items including family pictures from tables and bookcases, place large pieces of furniture, all knick knacks, and not needed furniture in a Pod or storage, have home professionally cleaned including carpet, organize closets by removing as much as possible, clean out garage and basements.

Decorating and Staging

It is a good idea to hire a professional stager if possible, but if you feel you can do it yourself then try to do the following after your home is clean and de-cluttered: At the time of a showing make sure you are not present and the home looks bright with all lights turned on and blinds/drapes open. The entry should feel open, expansive, and inviting with very little furnishings because the eye should be drawn to the back of the house or room so as to appear larger and more expansive.

Curb appeal

You can never take back a first impression and that is true about a house. The first impression should be a cut lawn with hedging and trimmed bushes. The walkway, porch/patio and driveway should be kept clean with a broom or blower. The front door porch area should be in good repair and freshly painted. The siding of the house should be in good repair with fresh paint or pressure washed.

Get a Pre-listing Inspection

By being proactive and fixing problems before the buyer has their inspection done is very wise. If you hire a licensed inspector to find problems to fix before you list the property then you could save yourself time, money and stress, because you will not be overwhelmed at the last minute with a long list of repairs found by the buyer’s inspector.

Complete Repairs before listing

All repairs done based on the pre-listing inspection should be completed by a licensed contractor who will provide a warranty for the work completed. To encourage buyers to make a good offer it is a good idea to display a signed property disclosure form showing that there are no repair issues that you know about.