Final Walk-through Checklist

The home should be in the condition agreed upon in sales the agreement. most contracts (unless stated otherwise in the agreement) have a “broom clean” clause written into the contract which means the home’s condition at closing is as expected and move in ready.

All debris and personal items of the seller have been removed

Instruction books and warranties on appliances, etc. are available

Garage door openers and other remotes are available (should get keys at closing)

Heating/air and hot water systems are working

All appliances are operating

Basement, attic, every room, closet and crawl space have been checked

Requested repairs have been made

Copies of the paid repair receipts and warranties

No major, unexpected changes to property since binding contract

All items included in the sale price are still on site (like, drapes, light fixtures, etc)

Screens are in place or stored on site